ENOUGH: A God Who Meets You Where You Are

Lafe Angell

March, 26 2024

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Lafe Angell is one of the most genuine and caring individuals I’ve ever met. The consummate encourager and servant leader, Lafe is the epitome of living life as a touchpoint of God’s Grace in his local community.

Joel Scrivner

Lead Pastor, Oaks Church McKinney TX

Do you need more?

You aren’t alone.  Each of us has been through seasons where we needed something more. Maybe you’re in that season right now.  Are you feeling anxious and alone, longing for something, ANYTHING more? Have YOU WONDERED: “I wish I knew what my purpose was,” “I need more peace,” OR “I feel so hopeless right now?”

What if you had more joy? More Hope? More purpose? We want to walk in a deeper level of faith, but sometimes we need more of that too!

There is even more good news! God knows EXACTLY what you need, and He is more than ENOUGH. He sees your striving and searching, and He wants to replace it with His peace. Enough, A God Who Meets You Where You Are is about understanding who God is and how He will satisfy your longing as He draws you closer.  The truth is God is ALL we need. Are you ready to be more in love with God, at rest in Him and excited for wherever He wants to take you? Journey to discover a purpose-filled, hope-filled, and joy-filled relationship with God.

He IS ALL you need.

You will find his story is inspiring and motivating and it teaches us that God not only has a plan but is able to accomplish those very plans through us.

Chris Binion

Founding & Lead Pastor, Encounter Church, Fate TX